(Persia Digest) – Iran’s First VP announced: “Despite certain countries uniting with America to bring their oil purchases from Iran to zero even before the sanctions date on 4 November, we have found new customers for our sales and conducted talks with our traditional partners.”

Eshagh Jahangiri said that the enemy intends to stop the basic needs of our people and manufacturers from reaching Iran to incite the population against the government, adding: “But our goal is to make sure to increase our sources of revenue.”

The Iranian First VP underlined: “Some of our income may be reduced in this war. Oil sales are our main source of income, which the Americans claim they will bring down to zero. Some countries who bought oil from us up until a few months ago have worked with America to cut their purchases to zero even before the sanctions become effective.”

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He continued by saying: “The US President believes that countries like Saudi Arabia can take our place on the oil market. But Iranian oil prices have risen to over USD 80pb even now.”

Jahangiri added: “Oil is a strategic product the world has to buy. Many of the countries who have stopped buying oil from us are actually looking for other ways to do so.”

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He continued: “We can export our oil to a good level. We can also export non-oil products and maintain our sources of income to provide for our basic needs.”

PD reports that President Donald Trump pulled the US out of the 2015 JCPOA accord unilaterally on 8 May. Oil and banking sanctions will be reimposed on Iran from 4 November.

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