(Persia Digest) – Speaking at the start of the scholar year for universities and higher education centers in Iran, Hassan Rouhani said: “The United States has certainly failed by abrogating its legal, political, and international obligations, and we have succeeded.”

By describing the objectives of White House officials against Iran, he said: “They began their work with a psychological warfare; economic warfare is their mid-term goal. The war on the efficiency of our system is their third goal and delegitimization is their ultimate goal.

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The regime change they talk about is pursued with the denial of its legitimacy, psychological warfare, and economic warfare. They question our efficiency.”

The Iranian President continued: “November 4th will not affect us. The US has already done everything in its power against us – not before 4 November, but before 5 October. There is no such things as a 4 November that people should worry about. It is all propaganda.

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He added: “The two main issues are the pressures of sanction and psychological warfare. These two are already at work and have had their impact.”

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