(Persia Digest) – Arash is a small Iranian boy who could speak three languages fluently at the age of two. He is now six and can solve physics and chemistry problems with the help of the internet. He is a little genius, but despite his father’s efforts, he has not been very welcomed. And yet, a number of credible schools in the Netherlands, Finland, and Japan are looking to train Arash.

Arash Amorzesh is a six-year old boy from Kashan, southern Iran, with a high IQ. His general knowledge is that of a high school graduate.

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His mother is a translator and English language teacher. She is currently a stay-at-home mom and his father is a freelancer.

Arash is learning to speak 18 languages, including English, Arabic, Russian, French, German, Chinese, Urdu, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Korean, and Greek.

Arash does not go to school and is self-taught online and with special software.

His parents have taught him maths to a certain level, including the multiplication tables, the four basic mathematical operations, exponents, and fractions. He learned these when he was three. He learned physics with a university professor who was able to teach him the lessons of three years in one week. He also memorized the Mandaliof table in three days.

His father says: “We took him to a psychologist to assess his IQ. He told us this child can change the future of the world.”

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According to his father, from the time some foreign sites wrote about Arash, they were contacted by email from several valid schools in the Netherlands, Finland, and Japan.

Nevertheless, Arash’s father wishes that Iranian officials would take an interest and try to make up for the shortfalls instead of laughing and taking selfies.

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