(Persia Digest) – The International Dean of the University of RUDN in Moscow has announced: “It is important to prepare students who wish to study abroad by teaching them the language of that country. The Persian language center has started work in RUDN University for this purpose.”

Speaking at the academic cooperation seminar of Iran and Russia, Larisa Yefremova said: “Educational co-operation will strengthen political, economic and military relations between Iran and Russia.”

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The International Dean of the University of RUDN said these relations have been ongoing from 1960 to date between 20 Russian and 13 Iranian universities. She also gave the news of a conference to be held in Moscow in order to promote academic ties.

Russian Ambassador to Iran, Levan Jagarian, also spoke at the ceremony about the importance of student exchange between Tehran and Moscow, adding: “The Russian Federation takes an interest in teaching foreign languages, especially Persian. As such, all the Russians living in Iran speak Persian fluently.”

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He said Iran and Russia were a stronghold in political, military, and economic fields: “Due to the strengthening of cooperation between the two countries, Persian language teaching is done in most Russian universities.”

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