(Persia Digest) – Sardar Saeid Montazer-Almahdi, top advisor to the Commander of the Iranian Police Force, has said: “We will soon see fundamental developments in police electronic services using artificial intelligence.”

He added: “The police have taken this step based on micro-social developments and ever-increasing changes in individual and collective behaviors.”

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NAJA’s top advisor continued by saying: “Accordingly, several specialized teams, both in-house and outsourced, and various departments of the specialized police force are working to develop these joint projects.”

Sardar Montazer-Almahdi added: “Using the internet of things for security, and virtual reality and augmented reality to provide services and training, and data collection and simulation are some of the aspects the special workgroup is focusing on.”

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He continued by saying: “Targeted communication with research centers, problem statement by the police for the elite communities, problem solving, guidance, and support by knowledge-based organizations, and matching the capabilities of the elite to police requirements are also on the agenda.”

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