(Persia Digest) – A former high-ranking Iranian diplomat believes: “An increase in Iranian soya bean imports from the US must be welcomed and taken as a good omen. This seems to be a coordination between US federal agencies and a rational consensus which we hope will spread to other data-x-items required by both countries.”

BIMCO reports that the continuing US-China trade battle has led Beijing to reduce soya bean imports from the US to almost zero by increasing tariffs. In contrast, Iran has increased US soya bean imports and not only has it become its number one buyer, it has also compensated for a drop in US soya exports.

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Persia Digest (PD) reports that this has been taking place as Trump withdrew the US out of the 2015 JCPOA nuclear accord with Iran and is seeking to reimpose secondary sanctions, bring Iran’s oil exports to zero, and impose new financial and monetary sanctions on the country. As such, the question arises as to whether Iran’s decision to increase soya bean imports from the US is based on a coordinated resolve between economic and political organs?

Javid Ghorbanoghli, former director of the African Desk at the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, told PD in an interview: “The IR of Iran is not in any way interested in sanctioning or being sanctioned. It considers this to be a cowardly weapon, especially if the people suffer from the government being sanctioned. It has always condemned sanctions as in inhumane tool.”

He continued: “Despite forty years of US animosity towards the IR of Iran, we have never said we don’t want trade ties with them. If they want to buy our oil, or any other commodities, we will trade with them; and vice versa, we will import our required needs from the US. Increased exports of soya beans to Iran must be considered a good omen.”

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This former Iranian Ambassador to South Africa added: “Imports of basic goods has been given to the private sector by the government. Any orchestrations in this regard has been organized by them with American businessmen. But, given the fact that exports to Iran requires obtaining permission from the federal government and relevant US agencies, a consensus must have been reached between US private and government sectors which indicates a rational way of thinking. Let’s hope this will spread to other data-x-items required by both countries.”

Ghorbanoghli highlighted China's possible reaction to Iran's approach in neutralizing its war on trade with the United States: “Import-exports are based on the lowest cost and ease of access formula. Every country tries to meet the needs of its society in accordance with these principles. Economic logic dominates trade and this must not be politically oriented.”

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