(Persia Digest) – “Fereshtegan-e Asemani” [Heavenly Angels] is the first girls' autistic school to open in Tehran’s 2nd district.

“Fereshtegan-e Asemani” comprises pre-school, primary school, middle school, and high school. Currently, forty students have enrolled in pre-school and primary school here.

Overall, it has 10 classrooms for teaching and other spaces for educational technology, recreational activities, speech therapy, audiometry, and a conference hall.

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There are 2100 autistic students in Iran, of which 500 are in Tehran. The boy to girl ratio is higher and six schools in Tehran are dedicated to these students.

In the current academic year, 5400 students with special needs have enrolled in 52 schools and special disability centers. These include sensory, developmental, physical, and behavioral impairments.

Persia Digest reports that autism is a developmental disorder characterized by difficulty in communication, impeding social interaction.

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