(Persia Digest) – The Head of the Defense Industries Organization of Iran, Sardar Gholamreza Jalali, has commented on the possibility of the US disconnecting Iran’s internet in the new stage of sanctions by saying: “Although this is not very likely, but we are ready for any eventualities. Measures have been taken to keep all essential functions in place and the National Information Network (NIN) can take care of our people’s needs.”

In an interview with Pars News Agency, he added: “In the virtual space, countries most dependent on it are the most vulnerable ones. The Americans are more dependent on cyberspace than we are for all their infrastructures. Therefore, they are naturally more vulnerable.”

Jalali said US threats are hybrid also affecting the social network platform. In other words, the US wants to incite our people against their government by using this network, smart phones, and the internet. If it cuts us off, it will be cutting off its own hands.

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Jalali pointed to the US cyberattack on the Natanz nuclear site in the Obama era, saying: “The former US cyber commander believed it could destroy our entire nuclear system with a cyberattack. He advised Obama on this, who believed him and designed the secret operation codenamed the Olympic Games. For the first time, a president accepted the responsibility of a cyberattack on another country, and that's how we were attacked.”

Jalali continued: “But a year later, the outcome of their survey showed that the degree of vulnerability was one in a hundred; that is they hit one and took a hundred. So, the commander was dismissed and retired.”

He added: “This was not reflected in the media, but we can deduce that the commander was dismissed due to his inefficiency in this case; so, we have already had a cyberspace engagement.”

Jalali reiterated: “We may depend on the internet in certain areas, but America is totally dependent on it for everything. This creates a negative balance for them.”

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