(Persia Digest) – The Commander-in-Chief of the Revolutionary Guards Corps, Sardar Mohammad-Ali Jafari, has given details of the kidnapping of Iran’s border patrol personnel in Mir-Javeh, southeastern Iran, saying: “The enemy tried on occasions to take a checkpoint or sentinel tower unsuccessfully; this time, they had an infiltrator.”

He continued: “We are speculating that they must have drugged our soldiers unconscious and kidnapped them; because, they were sure they could not carry out their plan while the soldiers were conscious and alert. This is not a great achievement and we will give them the answer they deserve.”

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Persia Digest reported that 14 border patrols were kidnapped in Mir-Javeh yesterday by the Jaish al-Adl terrorist group. Seven were members of the Basij security forces, five were members of the border patrol unit in Mir-Javeh, and two were members of the IRGC intelligence unit.

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