(Persia Digest) – At a meeting with Iran’s scientific elites, the Supreme Leader said the activities of tens of thousands of elites across Iran have been portraying a promising and realistic image of the country, stressing: “Distorting our image is the enemy’s most important agenda today. But, with divine grace, the real image of the country in general is the opposite of the image of a domineering system.”

He stated: “If we progress scientifically, the threat to our civilization, political, and economic systems will not be permanent and diminish.”

The Supreme Leader of Iran likened the enemy’s media war of propaganda to the imposed war, adding: “Our propaganda facilities are as small as the early days of the sacred defense, but we won that battle and this war will undoubtedly be won too with divine grace.”

He pointed to the enemy’s profuse efforts in Iranophobia, and stated: “Currency fluctuations and rising costs are there. But on the whole, the real image of Iran is contrary to what the enemy is portraying.”

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Ayatollah Khamenei also underlined “the need for scientific relations with countries that are in a leap forward”, adding: “These countries are mainly in Asia. Therefore, we must look to the East and not the West. Looking to Europe and the West has only ended in lagging behind, begging, and belittlement.”

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