(Persia Digest) – Based on the latest statistics published by the Communications Regulatory Authority of Iran, over MM72 and 941 thousand people use broadband internet in Iran with an internet penetration rate of 89 percent.

The number of high speed internet (broadband) subscribers was 72, 941, 877 by the end of June 2018. Out of these, 12,888,050 are fixed internet (ADSL) users and 60,053, 827 use high-speed internet access for mobiles.

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Based on the above, the internet penetration rate in Iran is now 88.86 percent. Fixed broadband internet (ADSL) penetration rate stands at 15.70 percent and high-speed internet access for mobiles stands at 73.14 percent.

Statistics show a linear climb in the number of ADSL users in the country, but high-speed internet access for mobiles is rising fast with an ascending climb.

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Mobiles with 82 percent access to 3G and 4G internet are at the top of the list, followed by 12 percent for ADSL users, 3 percent for WiFi, and 2 percent for TDLTE.


Internet penetration rate chart in Iran in the last five years


Internet subscribers chart in Iran in the last five years


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