(Persia Digest) – According to the President of the National Museum of Iran, over three million artefacts are kept in storage at the Museum, more than 300 of which are among the priceless objects which have never been on display to the public.

Iran has one of the world’s most ancient civilizations and many historical objects have been discovered here. Some of these are in museums abroad. But, many are kept at the National Museum of Iran.

Jebre’eil Nokaneh, Museum President, says: “We have many objects in storage at the Museum’s main building which have never been on display to the public.”

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He spoke about the number of exquisite objects in the National Museum, saying: “There are over three million objects stored at the Museum of which only 300 have been showcased.”

Nokandeh continued: “It is not possible to display this number in the traditional manner and only some can be shown in exhibitions.”

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He underlined the fact that these objects were safely stored in the Museum under standard conditions, reiterating: “We are thinking about expanding the museum. Also, researchers can visit the storage rooms at any arranged time.”

Nokandeh went on to say: “A comprehensive list of objects and their specifications is available. Of course, not all countries know what is kept at the Museum. But this does not mean we are keeping any secret objects here.”

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