(Persia Digest) – The Spokesperson for Iran’s Foreign Ministry announced: “We are ready for any kind of dialogue that can lead to consular assistance and services for the Iranian community of Canada. But, the Canadian government seemingly does not have the readiness for serious negotiations.”

Bahram Ghasemi stated that Iran and Canada have long-standing ties which are important for both sides, adding: “We are still unable to understand the reasons for this unilateral cut in ties by Canada and our question remains unanswered. The Canadian Parliament’s ratification of a bill preventing the government from pursuing talks to re-establish ties with Iran is also mystifying.”

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He continued: “Nevertheless, when the liberals came to power, both sides agreed to continue talks in different stages in Tehran and other third countries and we declared our readiness to re-open our respective consulates. But, it seems the Canadian government is not ready to take serious measures due to its own internal issues.”

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