(Persia Digest) - Kish Invex 2018 exhibition has opened on Kish Island. This is the 10th International Exhibition of Exchanges, Banking, Insurance, and Privatization. The exhibition opened on Monday with the participation of 360 Iranian and foreign companies at the Kish Convention Center.

This is Iran’s most important national and international economic event. It introduces the country’s investment opportunities, capabilities, and achievements in economy, stock exchange, banking, insurance, privatization, and other financial possibilities.

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The objectives of this year’s exhibition have been cited as expanding international capital market transactions, capital attraction, increase in domestic production, entrepreneurship, empowering the private sector in facing the upcoming economic challenges, and investigating working methods for Iranian small and medium enterprises with their foreign counterparts.

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The welcome given by large national and international companies and the attendance of diplomatic missions from more than 15 countries all reflect the importance of this major economic event.

Economic advisors say Kish Invex is an opportunity to introduce the Iranian economy to the world and believe that the exhibition can identify the barriers, infrastructures, and investment opportunities in the country.

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