(Persia Digest) – The Head of Iran's Ports and Maritime Organization has announced the start of work by the Indian operator in the southern Iranian port of Chabahar in a fortnight.

Mohammad Rastad stated: “The Chabahar Transit Agreement was signed in 2016 between Iran, Afghanistan, and India. This was ratified by the Iranian parliament in 2017 and was referred for implementation in August this year.”

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He pointed to the transit of nine ships carrying Indian wheat from Chabahar to Afghanistan, adding: “The Indian company will start the temporary operation of Chabahar Port in the next two weeks.”

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Rastad said that with the subsequent investments of the Indian company IPGL, we will see an increase in the exchange of goods between the three countries: “One of our major plans is to use the potential of these three countries to develop exports.”

Rastad emphasized: “Given that the Indian side has complied with its obligations, there are no problems for them to begin operations in Chabahar port.

The Indian undersecretary of state also emphasized his government’s commitment to the Chabahar agreement, reiterating: “We will review all ideas step by step and execute their implementation stage by stage.”

He added: “Chabahar Port has a strategic place in regional cooperation programs. One of its main advantages is the creation of alternative transit routes for Afghanistan. With the growth and development of Chabahar, we can increase regional cooperation and expand our strategic activities.”

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