(Persia Digest) – Following a concert by Shahram and Hafez Nazeri called “Untold” in Canada, this country’s parliament has commended the Nazeris for their performance.

The concert and commendation ceremony took place on Sunday, 21 October 2018 at the Sony Center.

The commendation statement read: “We would like to thank you for sharing your legendary talent and artistic skills with the people of Toronto. You have many supporters here.”

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Shahram Nazeri thanked their audience for attending the “Untold” concert, and said: “We are very grateful to see you all here despite all the long distances you have had to travel.”

“Untold” composer, Hafez Nazeri also thanked their fans, saying: “In this concert, we intended to change the prevailing audio culture. We could have performed nostalgic pieces from the past; but instead, we chose a difficult piece for your young generation to connect to the world through music.”

Hafez Nazeri, together with Shahram Nazeri and their “Untold” international ensemble began their rehearsals in Canada a while back and staged their first performance in Ottawa on 13 October. The city of Montreal was their host on 14 October, and the ensemble traveled to Toronto on 21 October. On 27 October, the group will go to Calgary, and then on to Vancouver on 28 October.

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As reported by Persia Digest, Shahram Nazeri is known as Iran’s Chevalier of song and forms a popular classical ensemble with his son, Hafez. Shahram Nazeri sings pieces mainly with lyrics by Molana.

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