(Persia Digest) – The Deputy Minister of Iran’s Cultural Heritage Organization has announced: “As soon as Iran’s cultural heritage artefacts are put up for sale at auctions around the world, our Organization together with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, will take the necessary measures to stop this.”

About a notice placed on one of the foreign sites for the sale of a tile from the Khan School, Mohammad-Hassan Talebian said: “A number of tiles had been stolen from this historic building in the past, but they were discovered and returned.”

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Talebian continued: “We have a master mason who produces tilework with Qajar designs in Iran as souvenirs for tourists to purchase. Therefore, such online ads do not necessarily represent an original tile. This may be a fake object. We pursue the auctions of historic artefacts and stop the auctions of such objects from Iran.”

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He added: “Fortunately, the Cultural Heritage Organization has been able to return 553 artefacts to Iran over the past four years and will continue to do so. Iranians caring about the national heritage of their country who become aware of such auctions get in touch with our offices and prevent the sale of their country’s historic relics.”

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