(Persia Digest) – The First Vice-President of Iran has stressed that Iran’s oil is irreplaceable, adding: “The Americans are unable to stop our oil sales.”

Eshagh Jahangiri added: “Over the past few months, Iran has exports 2.5mbp of oil per day. This may have dropped by a few thousand bpd, but we have always maintained this at one mbpd.”

He continued: “Prices have spiked from USD 30pb to USD 80pb. Even if we only sell one million bpd, we will have achieved our target oil revenues.”

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He pointed to 4 November when the second stage of US sanctions against Iran will come into effect, reiterating: “The US wants to hit our pockets and pressurize our nation while it lies by saying it is targeting the government.”

Jahangiri reminded: “The Americans even tried to stop medicines from entering Iran. they are even trying to stop the import of food data-x-items which are basic human needs and rights.”

Jahangiri stated: “The Americans lie when they say USD 150BN has been given to Iran under the JCPOA. This money belonged to the Iranian people which had been unjustly blocked. It has now been unblocked. They know it was not this amount.”

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He reiterated: “Today, we have over USD 100BN in currency reserves. Although we had currency shortfalls at the outset of this year, Iran now has an unprecedented reserve of banknotes in history.”

He then addressed the people of Iran, saying: “Nothing new will happen on 4 November. Anything the Americans wanted to do, they have already done over the past three to four months.”

Jahangiri cited Iran’s policies to be dialogue and logic, not bullying, and stressed: “They must read the history or the Iranian nation one more time.”

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