(Persia Digest) – Iran’s top diplomat has landed in the Pakistani capital, Islamabad, at the head of a political and military delegation to follow-up the process of freeing the Iranian border guards. This the eighth trip to Pakistan by Zarif as Foreign Minister.

He went to Pakistan on 30 August 2018 as the first diplomat to visit the country under the new government of Imran Khan.

Persia Digest (PD) reported that a number of local Basij forces and border guards were kidnapped on the Mir-Javeh Zero Point border on Monday 15 October with the conspiracy of anti-revolutionary infiltrators and taken to Pakistan.

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Sardar Mohammad Pakpour, Commander of the Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps Ground Force, visited Islamabad on 22 October at the head of a security-military delegation for the freedom of the kidnaped Iranian border guards. He met the Commander of the Pakistani army and top security officials on this one-day trip.

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The Iranian Ambassador to Pakistan, Mahdi Honardourst, also met the Pakistani Foreign Minister on 30 October to discuss the fate of the 12 Iranians.

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