November 03, 2018 10:14
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(Persia Digest) – Speaking about the reinstatement of US sanctions against Iran on 4 November, the Spokesperson for the Iranian Ministry of Foreign Affairs said: “The US is conducting an extensive psychological warfare against the Iranian people, but it is unable to take any initiatives against this brave nation.”

Bahram Ghasemi added: “A date counter for the return of sanctions on the US State Department website is humorous and a childish toy for America.”

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He continued: “The sanctions US intends to force on the world against Iran are not working and a large part of their initiatives exerted on banks, companies, and economic institutions at great expense to stop them from working with Iran have failed.”

The Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesperson reiterated: “There does not seem to be anything left for the US to force on the world and its economy. This only leaves an extensive psychological warfare with the intention of causing anxiety for the Iranian people to achieve its objectives.”

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He underlined: “Iran has the know-how and ability to manage the economy and the livelihood of its people. All the necessary requirements are in place.”

Persia Digest (PD) reported that following the unilateral US withdrawal from the 2015 JCPOA nuclear deal, Trump announced the return of previous sanctions together with new sanctions being imposed on Iran. The final stage of the sanctions will come into effect on 4 November. Nevertheless, the EU, China, Russia, and many other countries worldwide have opposed the US approach and asked for the safeguard of the nuclear deal.

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