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(Persia Digest) – Iran has numerous straits and valleys which can be visited to make new memories. One of these is Raghaz Darab Strait in Fars Province, southern Iran.

Raghaz Darab is 30kms from Darab town center in Hassanabad district. The strait is limited on both sides by high escarpments and houses 64 waterfalls which have been formed by numerous sources. Twelve of these are tall enough to require ropes for descent.

The waterfall drops measure from 6 meters to 65 meters at their lowest and highest. The rest can be crossed by jumping in the water. Ponds underneath the waterfalls have depths of 6 meters to 20 meters.

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The most important waterfall in Raghaz Strait is called “Ved’a”. It has a drop of 46 meters with a pond 10 meters deep. Special climbing ropes are required to go down this waterfall.

Special skilled guides are needed to travel to Raghaz. Visitors must have the elementary skills of going down waterfalls and the courage and physical fitness. They must also be equipped with rock climbing equipment.

Address: Raghaz Strait, Fasa Road, Hassanabad village, Darab, Fars Province

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