November 07, 2018 10:30
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(Persia Digest) – An overnight stay at the museum can be a one in a lifetime experience. There is only one such museum in Iran where you can have a sleepover – one that is filled with puppets and toys.

The Puppet and Toy Museum of Iran in Kashan, Isfahan Province, is in a building dating back to the end of the Qajar era which has become rather popular for its nostalgic puppets and toys.

The small museum courtyard has become a gathering place for its visitors. This is in fact a roofed garden which is now home to the puppets and toys.

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This house-museum has five rooms, and two 6-bed and 4-bed dorms. All in all, thirty people can spend the night here.

Each room has been named after an Iranian puppet. Puppets, toys, and Persian tales have been used to decorate the rooms to turn this puppet museum into a very different staying place in Iran.

The Puppet and Toy Museum of Iran is in Kashan’s old city fabric and the city’s historic attractions can be visited at a short distance from the museum.

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