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(persia digest) - Tehran has plenty of different parks, with each one having their own features. The following is a selection of these parks that are easily accessible.

Ab-o-Atash Park

Ab-o-Atash Park, literally the "Water-and-Fire Park", is a park in northern Tehran that can be easily reached. You can even learn how to ride a horse there. Once in the park, you can get to the Tabi'at (nature) Bridge, the largest pedestrian overpass built in the city that connects Abo-Atash Park to Taleghani Park. The double-deck bridge is considered one of the modern symbols of Tehran. To get to Ab-o-Atash Park, go to Vanak Square and head for Haghani Expressway, past Jahan-e Kudak junction on the southern side of the expressway you can see the park.

Baq-e Irani Park

Baq-e Irani Park, or Persian Garden, is an age-old green space in northern Tehran that is very popular among tourists, in particular because of a traditional building in the park now converted into a restaurant and café. One of the core features of Baq-e Irani Park is its accessibility for people with disabilities who can easily get around the garden. Baq-e Irani Park is located on Sheikh Bahaei St, Saberi St (Deh-e Vanak).

Mellat Park

Mellat Park is located on Valiasr Avenue, the main thoroughfare of the city every tourist chooses to walk along when they visit Tehran, a few bus stops further up from Vanak Square, just past Niayesh Expressway. Mellat Park has 120 species of trees, from bushes to different types of fruit trees. At the back of the park lies a 4D movie theater. The park is also home to Pardis Cinema Complex.

Goftogu Park

Goftogu Park, literally “Dialogue Park”, includes gardens laid out using Persian, French, British, Italian and Japanese designs. The park is home to various statues of famous persons like Sa’di, Amir Kabir, Mohammad-Ali San’ati, Rudaki, Hassan Modarres, Simón Bolívar, and Mary, Mother of Jesus. Goftogu Park is on Gisha St which itself is at the end of along the eastern side of Piruzi St.

Kuhsar Forest Park

Kuhsar forest park provides you a 360-degree panoramic view of Tehran. The park has paragliding and parachuting sites as well as a motorcycle circuit. Kuhsar Forest Park located on at the end of North Shahran Boulevard, opposite the petrol station.

Jamshidieh Park

The second must-see park suggested to a tourist by people in Tehran is Jamshidieh Park, with the first one being Mellat Park. Jamshidieh Park is one of Tehran’s tourist attractions as it is situated on a hiking route to the northern heights of the city, like Kolakchal. The park is located on Shahid Omidvar St, off Bahonar St, in Niavaran district.

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Honarmandan Park

Honarmandan Park, literally “Artists Park” [Iranian Artists Forum], dates back to Qajar dynasty; it used to be a garden in a larger land belonging to a Qajar prince. The owner of the garden was a German architect named Fischer who was one of the garden designers at the time. The park is home to the Artists Forum, Iranshahr Theater House, a library, handicrafts shops, café, a vegetarian restaurant, football and basketball pitches, and an administration building. The park is located on Iranshahr St.

Laleh Park

A green landscape is one of the aspects of Laleh Park. The park is also opposite a Hotel with the same name; Laleh Hotel. There are many traditional shops situated in the park that are worth visiting at least once. The park is also home to the Museum of Contemporary Art and the Carpet Museum. Laleh Park is located on Keshavarz Boulevard.

Daneshju Park

Daneshju Park, literally “Students’ Park”, is a centrally located park flanked by City Theater and Vahdat Theater. Daneshju is one of the oldest parks in Tehran, on Valiasr Junction.

Behesht-e Madaran Park

Behesht-e Madaran Park, literally “Mothers’ Paradise”, is a women-only park that enjoys many equipped facilities. Since no men are allowed in the park, women are freer in their dress code. The park has a baby care unit so that mothers can enjoy themselves with peace of mind. It is located on Jolfa St, Haghani’ Expressway.

Sa’ei Park

A special feature of Sa’ei Park is the vast array of animals in the park – hamsters, turtles, swans, ducks, wild parrots, and other birds. There are 17 species of plants in Sa’ei Park. The park is located between Valiasr Avenue and Vozara Street.

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