November 06, 2018 16:41
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(Persia Digest) – Former Iranian Ambassador to the UN in Geneva believes that the direct impact of sanctions on the lives of Iranians can be a case of crimes against humanity, legally preventing the cooperation of other countries with the US as abetting the commission of a crime.”

With the reinstatement of US sanctions against Iran, the US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo said: “These are against the Iranian government and not its people. The US has not sanctioned food, medicine, and medical equipment.”

How true is this claim?

Former Iranian Ambassador to the UN in Geneva, Ali Khorram, told Persia Digest (PD) in an interview: “Pompeo’s claim regarding food, medicine, and medical equipment is a blatant lie. Iran must be able to pay for the import of these goods. But the sanctions include the dollar, the Central Bank of Iran (CBI), SWIFT, and financial transfers, preventing such imports altogether. Therefore, it makes no difference whether Iran wants to pay for military equipment or food and medicine.”

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He reiterated: “From the viewpoint of international law and human rights, directly or indirectly preventing a country from importing food and medicine is illegal and no country can do this. But the US is now directly doing this, although it claims the sanctions are not aimed at the people of Iran. The experience of previous sanctions has shown that these only affect people and not government policies.”

This expert in international affairs commented on the possibility of a legal case, saying: “The Iranian authorities should invite the Special Rapporteur on human rights to Iran and provide the necessary documents and information on sanctions. When Iran announces that it will resist sanctions, the world will think that this does not affect them. But this crime against humanity must be shouted out. The people of Iran are now in the same position as the people of Yemen. The basic rights of both are subject to foreign invasion, with the difference that the Yemen is being bombarded by the Arab coalition and the rights of Iranians are breached by US coercive laws.”

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Khorram commented on whether such a legal case can be binding for the US, saying: “This will certainly be binding for the US. But whether the Americans will take action is a different case. As we saw, the same thing happened between the two countries in the lawsuit filed by Iran at the International Court of Justice.”

He continued: “But the important point is that, in the event of Iran's legal follow-up, other countries will be assisting the US in this crime if they remain silent about the sanctions. As such, other countries can covertly help Iran. But, to the contrary, we see that the Iranian government is saying we will resist sanctions and run the country, while they are unable to do so and this is destroying people’s lives.”

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