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(Persia Digest) – Persian cuisine is very varied and every city offers a new culinary experience. Culinary tourism is in fact one of the attractions of a visit to Iran. “Chelo Kabab”, or rice and kebab, is the national dish of Iran, also known and served across the globe. In this piece, however, the more traditional dishes will be introduced.

Bozbash Chowder

If you happen to be going to Hamedan, make sure to try its Bozbash chowder. This comes with different recipes; but Hamedan’s specialty is made with herbs and meat. Hamedan is in west central Iran.


This delicious meal is a specialty of Khorasan Razavi Province nomads, in northeastern Iran. It is usually accompanied by a savory yoghurt drink called “doughe”. Changal is made with flour, dates, and animal fat.

Almond julienne stew

This is one of the most delicious Persian dishes, originally from Kermanshah, western Iran. It is served at formal gatherings and is a must try.

Kerman boz ghormeh

Boz ghormeh is a traditional dish from Kerman, southern Iran. It is popular with the locals and tourists and is made with meat, chick peas, whey, and garlic.


You will most certainly travel to Isfahan. So, why not try the Beriani while you are there. This is a traditional Isfahani dish which was invented in 1916 by the late Ali Akhavan. It has been popular ever since with Iranians and tourists visiting the country. This delicious meal is made with lamb, white liver (lung), cardamom, and almond julienne.

Tabrizi rissole

In the old days, the rissole mixture was prepared by beating the meat in a stone mortar. The herbs and split peas was added to it afterwards. These days, this is made with minced beef. Once the mixture is ready, walnuts, prunes, caramelized onions, barberries, and at times hard boiled eggs, are placed at the center of the meat balls which are cooked in a tomato sauce and saffron. When in Tabriz, make sure to try this dish.

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Ghalieh Mahi A popular fish recipe from southern Iran

Ghalieh mahi

This is a southern dish from Boushehr made with fish, aromatic herbs, and tamarind.


Pakureh is the local dish of Sistan & Baluchistan in southeastern Iran. It is made with chick pea flour, wheat flour, coriander, spices, and oil. It is served with bread.


Tah-chin is one of the more popular dishes in Iran, made with rice, saffron, yoghurt, and egg yolks. It comes in different recipes, with chicken, beef, beef and aubergines, spinach, fish, etc. The chicken recipe is the most popular one.

Gheimeh nesar

Gheimeh nesar comes from Ghazvin, northwest of Tehran. In the past, this was considered an aristocratic dish for its ingredients and served at weddings with fresh herbs.

Sistan & Baluchistan gheimeh (doughe pāy)

Doughe pāy, or doughe pay, stew is another popular dish from Sistan & Baluchistan which is often mistaken for another dish called gheimeh (beef and split peas) for its appearance. This is a sour traditional dish which is easily distinguishable from the above gheimeh as soon as it is tasted.

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Moras’a Polo – The jewel of Iranian rice dishes

Moras’a polo

This is a sweet tasting dish with traditional ingredients, such as pistachios, almonds, orange marmalade, barberries, carrots, and saffron. A little sugar is also added to the polo (rice) to balance out the sour taste of barberries. Morasa’s polo is made on special occasions only, such as weddings; because the sweet taste is a sign of hope for a new, happy life. This rice dish is mostly served with chicken, creating a delicious contrast between the two sweet and salty tastes.

Ash reshteh

Ash is a thick potage made with herbs and legumes as a base, to which different ingredients are added for variety. Ash reshteh (noodles) is made with noodles and whey, and decorated with caramelized onions and garlic, sautéed mint, and whey.

Mirza Ghasemi

This recipe is from Guilan Province, northern Iran. It is prepared with aubergines, garlic, eggs, and tomatoes.

Tareh stew

Tareh, or chives, stew is a loved local dish from Kurdistan Province. As the name shows, it is made with chives and meat.

Kangar stew

Kangar (acanthus) stew is an interesting, different dish from Kermanshah, western Iran. It is made with fresh acanthus stems grown in the spring after getting rid of its thorns and sautéed in oil.

Ash kardeh

This is a different variety of the potage made with herbs and legumes from Kohgiluye & Boyer Ahmad Province, southwestern Iran. Biarum Bovei (cardin) is added to this potage. It grows in the mountains of Yasuj in the first two months of spring.

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