November 10, 2018 10:12
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(Persia Digest) – With the reinstatement of sanctions against Iran, a group of artists and civil rights activists in Iran have published a petition inviting the people of the world to “join voices against sanctions.” They write: “While states communicate through politics, people seek empathy, peace, and friendship. The history of the arts and culture has chronicled the joys and pains of people and communities. As artists, as civil activists of Iran, we speak to you above politics:

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Once again, the United States has imposed sanctions against Iran. Such measures have never brought to the people of Iran what politicians proclaim they will: human rights, freedom, and a better life. Every Iranian will personally pay the price for these sanctions.

Politicians will come and go, but the fallout from their disastrous decisions will be a nightmare for generations to come.

When we join voices around the world to draw attention to the devastating effects of these sanctions on the people of Iran, we can stop the divisive decisions and policies of politicians.

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Let us join voices. #joinvoicesagainstsanctions”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that the petition has already been signed by a number of artists, journalists, civil rights activists, and filmmakers such as Oscar winner Asghar Farhadi, prominent musicians like Kayhan Kalhor, Bahman Keshavarz, and Hossein Alizadeh, plus lawyers…

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