September 30, 2017 09:30
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(Persia digest)-  Shahdad is a suburb of the city of Kerman where an amazing camp for tourists will be inaugurated in January 2018.

The news was announced by the Governor of Kerman Province, citing that 120 ecotourism units across the Province had already been set up under the 11th Government headed by President Rouhani. He noted that Kerman Province was at the top of the list for ecotourism nationwide.

Razm Hosseini pointed out to the successful model of resistance economy in Ghal’eh Ganj town and reiterated: ‘The opening of the first four-star hut hotel in Ghal’eh Ganj has attracted over 350 foreign tourists to this area.’ In order to advertise tourism in the country, we must set up the required infrastructures and raise awareness, he said. He recognized Kerman Province’s initiative to sing an MoU with the private sector to invest in ‘Khabar National Park’ measuring 174 hectares as unparalleled in the Middle East ecotourism sector.

Razm Hosseini also unveiled plans to classify Kerman Province into eight different economic zones and allocate each zone to organizations and corporations for development.

At a ceremony for World Tourism Day taking place at the Iran International Conference Center, the Governor of Kerman was named as the top governor in the tourism industry of the country and was honored for his services.

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