November 10, 2018 11:26
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(Persia Digest) – It seems the improper behavior of Iran’s neighbors with its citizens is endless. According to the Chairman of the Board of Bushehr Province Dhow Owners and Shipping Cooperative, the UAE government and border guards treat Iranian dhow owners improperly and charge them extravagantly.

Seyed Ali Mousavi Gomarani told ILNA that Iranian dhow owners and sailors travel the course with great anxiety, adding: “When they reach Dubai harbor, they are kept there for 10-12 days. Only those carrying fresh fruit and vegetables, mineral water, dried nuts and the like are allowed into the harbor. The others have to stand in a queue for days waiting for permission to enter a port where there is no pier or harbor.”

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Mousavi added: “This is not a simple wait, because the dhows are in danger of high waves and many sailors are injured due to being thrown around in their vessels. Their injuries take weeks to heal after their return from their trip.”

Persia Digest (PD) reports that tensions between Iranian fishing vessels and the coastguard of certain Persian Gulf states has been rising over the past few months. An Iranian sailor lost his life after an attack by the UAE coastguard on the Iranian shipping vessel who was traveling from Bushehr in the Persian Gulf two months ago and eight others were arrested by the Emirati police

Another Iranian sailor was also shot dead at the end of June this year by the Saudi border guard. Another three fishermen from Bushehr were arrested by the Saudi guard last year and released after a number of months.

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