November 11, 2018 14:24
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(Persia Digest) – The Iranian Space Agency has announced the building of four space tourism parks in the desert areas of Kashan, Damghan, Qeshm, and Kerman to dwell in the secrets of creation and attract space tourists.

Morteza Barari said: “These parks will be created in places such as the Damghan Martian hills, Qeshm valley of the stars, and Gandom Beryanak in Kerman. These areas have proved interesting for space agencies and NASA has recorded them as the most important areas on Earth similar to Mars.

He said the country’s possibilities in this sector must be exploited for space tourism, adding: “We have set up a team who is working on this at full speed.”

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He said discovering the secrets of creation, familiarizing people with space exploration, astronomy, and celestial bodies in the desert were part of the project, and added: “We have also received offers of foreign investment.”

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Barari also pointed to over 150 astronomers of Iranian origin in the US and Europe, saying: “We are planning to hold an international astronomy workshop to attract the astronomers and invite them for collaboration.”

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