November 13, 2018 16:26
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(Persia Digest) – The Head of Iran’s Tourism Organization has announced a 51 percent growth in the number of tourists visiting Iran and said that Saudi and European visitors are making a comeback.

Ali-Asghar Munesan added: “Iran’s unilateral visa waiver for Oman has helped promote visits by more tourists and increased flights between the two countries from two to nine per week.

He continued by saying that the Organization is also going for a unilateral visa waiver for China.

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Munesan pointed to the 51 percent growth of tourists coming to Iran and called it a fantastic progress: “The drop in the number of European tourists following the sanctions, prices rises on the forex market, and the Ahvaz terrorist attack was 19 percent. But this drop was 17 percent by the end of September.

He said Iraqi tourists coming to Iran were very valuable for the country and added that Russian and Saudi tourists were also returning: “Tourism from Saudi Arabia is now at 79 percent. But after the Saudi Embassy incident, we witnessed a drop of 80 percent in their trips to Iran. They are traveling more to Iran this year. The number of tourists from Turkey and the Republic of Azerbaijan has also increased.”

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Munesan quoted some chief physicians in hospitals indicating a twofold increase in medical tourists: “80 percent of health tourists proceed to recreational activities after treatment, mostly in Tehran, Ardabil, Tabriz, Kermanshah, and Kurdistan.”

Munesan also pointed out that Iran’s weakest point in its tourism industry was advertisement, adding: “There is not enough advertisement at home, and there is none outside our borders; because this is not yet appreciated by our officials.”

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