November 15, 2018 11:37
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(Persia Digest) – The Head of Iran’s Drug Control Headquarters said: “Iran discovers the largest amounts of opium in the world every year, and morphine and heroin come next. Most of these are discovered on transit routes.”

At a bilateral meeting with the Bulgarian parliamentary group, Commander Eskandar Momeni said: “Iran has been much more active in countering narcotics than European countries.”

He said: “Whether narcotics are sold in Iran or transited through the country makes no difference. We deal in the same manner with both cases.”

He stated that our young people and those of other nationalities are the same for us, adding: “We want an integrated security, but the other countries for whose youth we are also working don’t act accordingly.”

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He continued: “Ever since the Americans invaded Afghanistan, the amount of drugs produced in this country rose from 200 tons to 10 thousand tons, which is fifty times more. We have also increased our efforts to fight narcotics to the same level.”

Commander Momeni said: “Our fight is not limited to our own country, because Iran is at the forefront of the international fight with drugs.

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