November 27, 2018 11:38
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(Persia Digest) – A director and play therapist who has recently staged a play with a cast of disabled children living in Kahrizak hospice has spoken to Persia Digest (PD) about the peak and troughs of the play over the past nine years and the goals he pursues in his works.

The play staged recently is “Rostam o Sohrab” with a cast of disabled children living in Kahrizak hospice.

Speaking about his goals, director Mir-Kamal Mir-Nasiri told Persia Digest: “In 2000, I proposed to use play therapy with handicapped people in Kahrizak hospice. I wanted to use the therapy as a tool to empower them mentally and help them develop a stronger personality. The selected individuals have an isolated, and perhaps aggressive, personality due to their disability and are not very accepting of us. The aim is to help them reach peace and self-belief.”

He added: “In those days, not only the handicapped individuals, but even the main body of employees and managers of Kahrizak did not believe that this group could stage a good play. Thus, nobody was willing to cooperate at first. We were finally able to gain their trust and work with the group to create, as many actors have said, a masterpiece.

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The play director added: “The work was very difficult over the years we spent on it. Out of the 30 cast members, eight died. On the day of the performance, we projected their photos and practice sessions on the set.”

Mir-Kamal continued by talking about the legend of “Rostam o Sohrab” which is an old Persian story, saying: “The heroes are played by those who have lost their self-belief. This can help them restore what has been destroyed by trauma and send this message to society that the time of heroes like Rostam who have to be physically strong has passed and the heroes of our times are those who have a healthy mind and spirit. In fact, the play shows the high spirit of mankind and the self-belief of these children. It is a reminder for the able-bodied people of this world.”

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