November 27, 2018 12:21
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(Persia Digest) – Prominent Iranian composer, Mohsen Sharifian, has been the guest of a seminar on Iranian culture and music in China, entitled “The sound of the Silk Road and a mysterious melody from Iran”.

According to China Development the seminar was held in Fengxian District in China on Sunday 18 November 2018.

This was a collaboration between Iranian musician Mohsen Sharifian and Chinese musician Zhao Zhoukuan. The professional performance using brilliant techniques was welcomed by the audience.

Both Iran and China enjoy a rich, ancient civilization and ties between the two countries date back to the Hun Dynasty in China and the Parthian Dynasty in Iran.

The seminar was held in the three sections of “A glance at classical Iranian music – radif and instruments”, “The folk music of Bushehr”, and “Links with the Silk road (Iranian origins of the Chinese pipa)”.

Zhao Zhoukuan spoke of his experiences and field research on Iranian culture and music.

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The two musicians played a piece called “The blue dream” at the end of the program with projections of beautiful images from the Persian Gulf. The music was composed by Mohsen Sharifian. The Chinese instrument used dated back to a thousand years ago and is a modified version of the Iranian barbat. The flute played by Mohsen Sharifian is also an ancient instrument from Bushehr in southern Iran.”

This was not only a joint performance of ancient instruments played in Iran and China, but also a revelation of the depth of friendship between two nations with the passing of a thousand years from the original Silk road. It was a display of the role and power of music in connecting people.

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