December 01, 2018 15:08
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(Persia Digest) – Iran’s National Beach Soccer Team has 2nd title in global rankings.

The Brazilian team is first in this classification. Iran won the Intercontinental Cup title to rank second in the world for the first time.

Portugal, Russia, Italy, Tahiti, Paraguay, Switzerland, Spain, and Japan rank 3rd to 10th respectively.

The teams are ranked according to their total number of points gained over the past four years in competitions.

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The stunning performance of the Iranian beach soccer team at the Intercontinental Cup 2018 won them the championship and gained them enough points for the 2nd title globally.

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The FIFA Beach Soccer World Cup announced the news on its website and gave a short description of Iran’s journey to the Intercontinental Cup, saying: “Congratulations Iran! Can they bridge the gap with Brazil more than ever before?”

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