December 02, 2018 10:35
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(Persia Digest) - The 10th International Conference on Social Robotics (ICSR 2018) was held 28-30 November in Qingdao, China. Students of Sharif University of Technology (SUT) from Iran were a force to reckoned with.

Fifteen countries – Iran, the USA, Japan, Spain, China, Qatar, Italy, UAE, Finland, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, Netherlands, France, South Korea – participated at the Conference.

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The latest findings were presented in articles and competitions were held to assess top ideas and designs in social robotics. A panel of international judges evaluated theses in the three fields of hardware, software, and innovations before announcing their final decisions.

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Three designs and three papers on social robotics research from SUT were admitted to the Conference this year.

Iranian students from SUT won 1st and 2nd prize in the software category of the competitions.

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