December 03, 2018 10:18
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(Persia Digest) – “Tourists traveling to Iran find the “Djolie’ dolls irresistible to cuddle and buy. Some which are veiled from head to toe with the “chador” attract more attention because they say this is more unusual for people in their country.”

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The reviver of Djolie added: “My research on this doll showed that it was initially created four centuries ago in Abar Kouh in Yazd Province, central Iran. “Arousak” [doll] in Persian is pronounced “Aresak” in this region. The Djolie aresak was registered as a National Heritage in 2017.”

Djolie also has an ID on which the name and manufacture methods have been recorded. Djolie still dresses in the old fashioned way and has a smiling face giving positive energy to its buyers.

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According to Akrami, only three people currently make these dolls in Iran. Two of these are the old bibi of Abar Kouh and three others will be joining them soon.

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