December 04, 2018 13:05
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(Persia Digest) – The Iranian President has said: “If the US stops Iranian oil exports, no oil will be exported from the Persian Gulf.”

Speaking among the people of Shahroud in Semnan Province, northern Iran, Hassan Rouhani said: “A proud and powerful Iran is unbearable for the Americans and Zionists. The Iranian nation has never bowed down to them and never will. The US has announced that it will deprive Iran of its oil exports. They have done their best to stop all Iranian trade – unsuccessfully. They wanted to isolate Iran regionally and globally, but to no avail.”

Rouhani added: “The Americans must know that we will sell our oil and they will not be able to stop our exports. They must know that if they try to stop us, no oil will leave the Persian Gulf.”

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He pointed to US efforts to weaken Iran’s global trade, saying: “The US is unable to cut our trade ties regionally and globally.”

Rouhani continued: “The Americans are trying to separate us from our European, Chinese, and Indian trade partners and our friends and neighbors. They continue to spread Iranophobia in our region and around the world. Iran is not the enemy of any country, especially its neighbors. The Americans will not succeed in implementing their divide and rule policy between us and the neighboring and Islamic countries. We will continue to expand our relations with the world.”

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In another part of his speech, Rouhani said: “Iran is giving moral support to the oppressed people of Yemen against their Saudi aggressors to win their military and political plight. The people of Yemen will be victorious and the Saudi and American forces will be defeated.”

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