December 05, 2018 09:59
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(Persia Digest) -  A UNSC meeting requested by France and the UK has been held behind closed doors in New York on Tuesday to discuss Iran’s ballistic missile test. The US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, had asked the UN earlier to condemn Iran’s missile test.

But Iran’s top diplomat responded to paradoxical US behavior, stating that UNSCR 2231 clearly did not prohibit such tests and tweeted: “Making a mockery of the UNSC won't obscure failure to fulfill obligations & to hold US to account over non-compliance. Esp when even US admits that UNSCR2231 does NOT prohibit Iran's deterrent capabilities. Rather than undermining 2231, better to work towards its adherence by all.”

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Javad Zarif also attached a text by Brian Hook, Head of the Iran Action Group at the US State Department. On 20 September, Brian Hook had tweeted: “UN Security Council Resolution 2231, which formally endorsed the Iran deal and superseded Resolution 1929, contained deluded language that came as welcome news to the Iranians, who lobbied hard for it.”

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As the resolution now states, Iran is simply “called upon not to undertake any activity related to ballistic missiles designed to be capable of delivering nuclear weapons.”

Iran’s Ambassador to the UN also issued a statement on Tuesday, rejecting all “American arbitrary interpretations of Security Council Resolution 2231”, saying: “The resolution does not prohibit or limit Iran’s peaceful ballistic missile program or any activities related to it.”

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