December 05, 2018 15:19
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(Persia Digest) – Speaking about EU’s new collaborations on the JCPOA, Iran’s Foreign Minister said: “The Europeans have informed us that final agreements have been reached on the Special Purpose Vehicle (SPV) and this will be registered soon.”

Javad Zarif reiterated: “As the Americans try to block any changes and decisions immediately, the EU will pursue this stage of the plan in confidence until they are ready to announce the time of registration.”

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Responding to a question on a number of countries sanctioning Iran for its missile program and Tehran’s persistence to develop the industry, Zarif said: “We have constantly stressed on our defense capabilities and announced that this is not negotiable.”

The FM underlined: “Iran’s policy is of course one of defense and deterrence; it is not aggressive. Our track record shows this fact.”

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He emphasized: “Those countries commenting on the defense capabilities of the IR of Iran are the ones who have sent billions of dollars’ worth of armaments to our region to destabilize it.”

The Iranian Foreign Minister added: “Countries who sell such large amounts of armaments to our region cannot ask a large, independent country like Iran to forgo its defense program.”

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