December 08, 2018 10:49
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(Persia Digest) – The Cyngus-cyngus species of swans are the last migrant birds to have landed in the international Miankaleh wetlands in eastern Mazandaran Province in northern Iran.

This is the largest group of migrant birds who spend the winter in Mazandaran wetlands. They have reached their winter home a fortnight too soon due to an early wave of cold weather in their original habitat in Siberia.

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The Cyngus-cyngus is the last group of 150 species of birds who fly to Mazandaran from mid to end-December. But they are the first of a 1.5 million population of birds to leave just before the spring to lay their eggs in their original home in Siberia, northern Russia.

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In the current season, more food is available in Miankaleh wetland as compared to previous years, attracting more migrant birds.

With its international Miankaleh wetland and 800 manmade lakes, Mazandaran is host to 150 species of 1.5 million strong migrant birds every year.

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