December 11, 2018 09:43
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(Persia Digest) – The managing director of Chabahar Free Trade Zone said in order to reduce travel costs to this southeastern Iranian port, agreements have been made in principle for establishing a private airline for Chabahar FTZ.

Abdolkarim Kordi said that negotiations are under way through third countries to purchase second-hand planes including Amber Air aircrafts.

As for the investments made by India in Chabahar, the official said: “Our contract with India will become operational in one month and the port is to be temporarily handed over to Indians before the end of 2018.”

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Noting that during the past two years some 400 contracts for investment have been signed in the region, Kordi said: “The contracts are worth about 3,500 billion tomans. Currently, 130 units are working in Chabahar while another 167 projects have progressed more than 30 percent.”

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He added: “Chabahar’s first steel factory with a 16-million-ton capacity is under construction with a physical progress of 30 percent.”

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