(Persia Digest)-   Seventy-five years have passed since the time Polish refugees came to Iran during WWII. An exhibition to commemorate the event will be showcasing unseen photos from that time and their trip from Poland to Tehran and then Isfahan.

The refugees who were putting the difficult years of war behind them arrived in Iran for the duration; some returned home later and some settled here.

To commemorate this historic trip and the longstanding cultural exchanges between the two countries, the Adam Moshkovich Institute in association with the Polish Ministry of Culture and National Heritage, the Polish Embassy in Tehran, Sa'ad Abad Palace Cultural Complex, the Art Department of Isfahan Council, and the Isfahan Museum of Contemporary Art will be holding a series of art events in Tehran and Isfahan.

One of the most important one of these is the photography exhibition entitled ‘Born in free Poland, Poles, and Isfahan’s children return to Iran after 75 years’; this will take place at the Sa'ad Abad Palace Gallery in Tehran on 6 October, and again at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Isfahan on 10 October.

This exhibition organized by Parisa Damandan, photographer and art historian, is an example of the historical heritage of the two countries. The photos were found in the unique collection of negatives belonging to Abolghassem Jala a half a century after the end of WWII, never seen before.

The collection documents group photos, portraits, pictures of the Polish community, and the life of the refugees during the great war.

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