December 11, 2018 12:38
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(Persia Digest) -  Iran exported 6.57 billion dollars of non-oil goods to Iraq during the first eight months of the current Iranian calendar. The figure is 66.59 percent higher in terms of value and 66.14 percent in terms of weight as compared to a similar period last year.

During the said period (March 21-November 21, 2018), Iran exported some 75,270,000 tons of non-oil goods to Iraq worth 31.491 million dollars in terms of value.

Over the past few years, Iraq has been the second major market for Iranian exports. However up to first place over the past two months it moved. Currently, Iran has left China behind in exporting goods to Iraq.

Major products exported to Iraq from Iran include steam turbine spare parts, thin plastic sheets and strips, dairies such as milk, cheese, cream and ice-cream, home appliances, cosmetics, fruits and vegetables.

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According to figures, the Iran-Iraq trade balance of trade is currently in Iran’s favor.

Exporting some 33.659,000 dollars of goods to Iran, Iraq stays in 42nd place among exporting countries to Iran during the said period.

Corn for livestock, aluminum scrap, and barley are among the major products exported to Iran from Iraq.

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Iran’s total imports from Iraq in the said period was 21,498,000 tons valued at 29.549 million dollars which was 12.58 percent lower in terms of weight and 14.4 percent in terms of value at compared to a similar period last year.

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