(Persia Digest) – Age-old hands of the arts will be introduced to international e-commerce firms in the future by the World Crafts Council for the sale of original works.

In an interview with Mehr News Agency, the Handicrafts Organization Deputy, Bahman Namvar Motlagh, pointed out to the fact that a main hurdle for the handicrafts was global marketing and commercialization of the industry. He added that at the latest WCC summit in Kuwait, members had decided to work with international organizations involved in e-commerce to advertise the sale of original handicraft works bearing the WCC stamp.

He continued by saying that India, China, and Iran had pinpointed such organizations for the online sale of superior works produced in West Asia and Oceania. The Deputy named the shortfalls of the private sector in Iran regarding the matter and said our private sector firms in e-commerce and commercialization are not up to par with their Indian and Chinese counterparts. He cited the Ali Baba website as an example, the daily turnover for which is equivalent to an entire year’s crafts sales in Iran.

In a prior report by Persia Digest, a handicrafts official had said that Iran ranks first in producing hand arts in the world, but ranks third after China and India in commercializing it.

Officials have named the lack of suitable marketing strategies as a barrier for Iranian artisans to enter world markets and take rightful place commensurate with their art and hard work.

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