December 16, 2018 12:25
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(Persia Digest) – Everybody adores her in Azizabad village in Sistan and Baluchistan Province. She has worked so hard for this deprived village in southeastern Iran that she has succeeded to win the Women’s World Summit Foundation 2018 award for women’s creativity in rural life and ranked fourth on WWSF’s global list.

Persia Digest (PD) reports that Ziba Azizi is a young devout teacher born in a deprived village full of discrimination. A common discrimination in her village was that only boys could go to neighboring villages for schooling and this was impossible for girls. Local families considered their girls only as housekeepers from a very early age and forced them to learn housekeeping to get married and give birth to a child. Ziba was no exception.

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She went to his grandfather asking him to talk to her mother and convince her to let Ziba continue her studies. After gaining her mother’s permission, Ziba fulfilled all her duties at home including baking bread, cooking, raising children etc. Late nights were the best times for her to do her homework.

Although several months into the school year she still had no books, she continued her studies with enthusiasm and finally became a teacher to other children.

A number of major services provided by Ziba for her village included: teaching and training rural girls, informing them about important issues such as child marriages in rural areas and preventing them, providing educational tools in some of the local schools, teaching needlework to rural women with a weak financial status to help them earn more money, and creating a new brand called “Nora” by combining needlework with modern arts.

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Her most significant service to the village of Azizabad was establishing a social and mental rehabilitation and training center called Khan-e Elm (Chamber of Science). Khan-e Elm provides education for children who have no chance to study, giving all rural boys and girls an equal chance to learn on an equal footing.

Now she has fulfilled her old dream and reached a place where she stands among the world’s top rural women and brings glory and honor to her village and her country.

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