December 18, 2018 10:57
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(Persia Digest) - The United Nations General Assembly has approved, with a weak majority, a draft resolution proposed by Canada on Iran’s human rights violations.

The draft resolution which has previously been discussed and passed at the Third Committee of the UNGA, repeats the old human rights claims against Iran.

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The document was approved with only 84 votes in favor while 30 other countries voted against it and another 67 countries abstained.

Speaking prior to the voting, Iran’s Permanent Representative to the UN said it was politically motivated. He called on members of the Assembly to prevent using the issue of human rights as a political tool/instrument against world countries.

After its approval at the Third Committee on November 16, the Spokesman of Iran’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs had said: “Manipulation of human rights, human rights resolutions and the international mechanisms by certain western countries, the occupying and child killing Zionist regime and certain reactionary regimes of the region is strongly condemned and rejected.”

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Bahram Ghasemi added: “The resolution was approved without reflecting the ongoing realities in Iran and is selective, discriminatory, hostile and politically motivated.”

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