December 19, 2018 15:58
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(Persia Digest) – Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council of Iran has said: “The camp of the oppressors led by the US is strategically trying to disappoint and make the IR of Iran collapse from within, but to no avail.”

Ali Shamkhani continued: “The US is imposing increasing pressures and sanctions to create gaps within the governance and separate the people from them. But, in fact, it has become increasingly clear after the sanctions that solidarity between the military forces and government is more than ever before and national unity has increased vis a vis American bullying. This has made them angry and it is making them behave in illogical, unconventional ways.”

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He reiterated: “In return, Iran is pursuing a purposeful resistance economy strategy based on production and job creation with the country’s capacities and local capabilities. It is taking steps towards national development with its own kno-how and, as in Obama’s presidency, it will make Trump pay through the nose.”

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Iran’s Secretary of the Supreme National Security Council reiterated: “The US withdrawal from the JCPOA showed that this country will not hesitate to abrogate international laws and resolutions even if it has no reason to do so.”

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