December 23, 2018 11:52
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(Persia Digest) – A university professor and former Iranian diplomat believes: “Donald Trump is showing the IR of Iran as a big threat to the world as an attempt to use this to reach an agreement and prove to public opinion that only Trump and the US Administration succeeded in removing such a threat from the international system.”

In its 11th Preventive Priorities Survey, the US Foreign Relations Council has identified a military confrontation with Iran or its regional allies as one the nine top conflict prevention priorities for the US in 2019.

Is a military confrontation between the US and Iran a real threat in 2019?

Professor Davoud Hermidas-Bavand told Persia Digest (PD) in an interview: “A war between the US and Iran is unlikely, especially as a direct conflict between the two. The Afghan and Iraq experiences show that, even though the US had military superiority, it is still facing the political and social backlashes of its presence in these two countries and its officials feel responsible for the prevailing situation.”

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He continued: “On the one hand, the US wants to reach an agreement with the IR of Iran to reach its intended objectives and interests. The exaggerated image of Iran portrayed by Trump and his Secretary of State time and again to paint this country as a threat, not only to the region but to the whole world, is solely aimed at satisfying world public opinion that it was the person of Donald Trump and his Administration who succeeded in eliminating such a threat should an agreement be reached.”

The professor underlined: “To achieve its goal, the US has used sanctions, economic pressures, and limited Iran’s trade ties, but it has never opted for a military confrontation, unless it is an accidental skirmish in the Persian Gulf for instance. It must be noted that Trump’s intended solidarity with Saudi Arabia has now been disrupted with the recent Act in Congress against this country and the person of Ben Salman.”

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Hermidas-Bavand reminded: “The key point in the US portrayal of the IR of Iran as a major world threat is that only an agreement with the “Islamic Republic” can bring about the desired achievement for Trump and the United States. If a liberal government is elected in Iran, the importance of this deal will be spoiled for the White House; because the Iranophobia campaign can no longer be sold to the people of the world.”

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