December 25, 2018 12:50
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(Persia Digest) – The Iranian FM has stated that the EU is not ready to invest in the JCPOA, adding: “It is Europe who has lost in the case of SPV.”

In an interview with Khorasan newspaper, Zarif said: “Europe is one of our choices, not our only choice. We will continue to expand our ties with other countries. Our neighbors surely take priority over Europe. Our ties with Russia, Turkey, Iraq, and our other neighbors, together with China, are more important in terms of volume and trust.”

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He continued: “The Europeans had a great opportunity in Iran which they lost with inactivity towards US actions, internal discords, or pragmatism (claiming the benefits without paying the cost). Unfortunately, Europe is not ready to bear the cost and, as such, it cannot take full advantage of its international opportunities like others did. It is Europe who has lost in the SPV case.”

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He added: “Europe and the SPV are an opening for us while we pursue other opportunities with China and other countries. If the Europeans wish to benefit from the JCPOA, they must be willing to bear the cost. There are ways we can show that if they want to benefit from the JCPOA, they must be ready to bear the cost of this transaction.”

Zarif said: “We never gave the lead to Europe. We have many options we are following-up on in a logical manner. God willing, our nation will see the results.”

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