December 29, 2018 14:30
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(Persia Digest) - Oman and Turkmenistan have been cooperating with Iran against US sanctions by legislating two new laws.

As US sanctions started this November, the country tried to prevent Iran from accessing foreign currencies. The effect of such a move was the multiplication of the price of foreign currencies, especially dollar, euro and pound.

According to experts, the solution to this is the creation of bilateral or multilateral monetary treaties, which can stop the pressure of Western monetary and banking sanctions.

In this regard, today, the Iranian Customs Office published two pieces of news; one is the possibility of obtaining an airport visa by paying Omani rials and the other is the exemption of Iranian trucks from paying Turkmenistan's $ 150 customs duty.

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Accordingly, Oman has provided the possibility of issuing a one-month airport visa worth 20 rials equivalent to 560 thousand tomans for Iranians at Muscat Airport. Moreover, the Omani single-visa is issued through request from the embassy of Oman by paying six rials (168 thousand tomans).

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The increase in exchange rates in recent months has caused Iranians to stop many of their recreational travels to foreign countries. Now, this can turn Oman into an attractive destination for the Iranians.

Moreover, the Iranian embassy’s business advisor in Turkmenistan announced Ashgabat's decision to introduce the new $ 150 customs duty for the entry of trucks to Turkmenistan, and said that these charges would not apply to Iranian trucks.

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